Omiš and the fair in Zadvarije – One day in the pirate’s nest

freja izlet na selo

Come along with us to the small town Zadvarije and experience the local fair – a 300 year old tradition. At this fair, you can buy almost anything that is needed for life in the village and other small goods like f.ex. homemade brandy, honey and smoked ham. After the market, we continue our journey to Omiš, the town that’s situated on both sides of Cetina river and where the river runs out into the Adriatic sea. Like many other cities and town along our coastline, Omiš has a long history, among other things, as being a shelter for pirates. Today, however, it is a peaceful city with a nice long sandy beach and a small center in the old parts of town. We take a walk through the old town, reminiscing the time when Venice ruled the city. You will get some free time on your own to get a cup of coffee or maybe visit the Mirabella fortress. We will meet up again by Cetina river, where a boat will await us to take us on a trip up the river where we will enjoy the beautiful landscapes alongside Cetina. The boat will leave us at a good local restaurant where we will have lunch, vine and take in the amazing scenery.